British Cyprus Memorial Book

We have received news from Keith Lloyd, who is well known in North Cyprus for his very interesting illustrated talks on military history and other subjects.  

For many years Keith has been researching the area of the servicemen and women who lost their lives in Cyprus, both during the Cyprus Emergency and at other times during active service.

Keith is setting up a Gofundme account to organise a British Cyprus Memorial Book and he has given us the following information.

400 British Servicemen died whilst on active service during the Cyprus Emergency 1955-59. Whilst some of these sailors, soldiers, airmen & marines are remembered on various Memorials in the UK and Cyprus; nowhere are they remembered together in one place.  The British Cyprus Memorial Book, to be housed in St Andrews Church, Kyrenia, Cyprus, will correct this anomaly.

The book will be a handsome tome; hand printed in Old English calligraphy and hand bound in rich leather by expert bookbinders in London; it will be located in a dust proof cabinet and only handled carefully by trained veterans wearing protective gloves. It should last as a Memorial to brave men who gave their lives in the cause of peace and freedom; it should last for a 1000 years.

The Memorial at the Old British Cemetery

If you would like to make a donation towards the British Cyprus Memorial Book please click here to access the Gofundme page.


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  1. They are already all remembered in one place -as your illustration of the splendid Old British Cemetery memorial proves. Thank you Sir Michael Graydon, Lord Maginnis, John Hughes-Wilson and many others.

    • No John, you do not have the correct facts.

      The powers that be decided to date the Cyprus Emergency as April 1955 to April 1959. In actual fact it has always been recorded that there were 371 British service personnel who lost their lives but in actual fact the true figure was 372, one name was omitted from the memorial in Kyrenia (which it is planned to correct). Active service continued until December 1959 and a further 30 servicemen died in Cyprus whilst on active service. The actual figure therefore of those who lost their lives in Cyprus (excluding those who served with the Police) is 402.

      Perhaps you and your friends would like to make a donation to the British Cyprus Memorial Book, to honour those additional people, who are not named on the Cyprus Memorial. The link is

      Cyprus Memorial, Kyrenia