December 4, 2023

By Sami UĞUR……….

I have been friends with Chris Elliott and Margaret Sheard for a long time and have been aware of their great news and reviews website which has a worldwide readership.

Sami Ugur

Prior to the launch of their website some 5 years ago Chris and Margaret were regular contributors to the English language Cyprus Observer newspaper and before that Chris contributed to the English language Cyprus Star newspaper.

Sadly both of these newspapers are no longer with us and on the many occasions when Chris and I talked, he expressed the view that North Cyprus should have another English language newspaper for the people that concentrated on local news and reviews and be more of a community newspaper.

As many expatriates find, as guests living in North Cyprus, it is very difficult to be able to use their skills to help the country and communities and after careful consideration I decided through my advertising organisation Cypro Art Graph I would set up and run a newspaper with content contributed from the volunteers of Naturally it takes money to run a newspaper and as my business is advertising it is just an extension of my business.

We published the first issue on 21st October and it was very well received although there were some local distribution and also presentation issues of the newspaper in some locations. The second issue of the Cyprus Scene newspaper was published on 28th October and our team are being asked for Radio and TV interviews to talk about our new venture of bringing great news and reviews by the people for the people of North Cyprus.

Thank you all for reading this news and do look out for issue 3 which will be on sale in your local major supermarkets on Saturday 4th November 2017.



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