December 9, 2023

Speaking on a TV programme, Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu stated that reviving the previous negotiation process which had concluded in Crans-Montana last July was out of question.

Ertuğruloğlu also emphasized that a new process can only begin on an equal footing and state-to-state basis.

Noting that the donations sent by the Greek Cypriot Administration via UN convoy to Greek Cypriots and Maronites living in the TRNC was intended to be a politically provocative move, Ertuğruloğlu said that the TRNC has declared to all parties that the implementation of this policy is upholding the status quo and should be ended – in particular, stating that the UN itself is also implicated in continuing the status quo.

Ertuğruloğlu reiterated that the TRNC will always support the individuals who have lived within its borders during their time of need.

Akıncı and Ertuğruloğlu received Henkel and Orden respectively

President Mustafa Akıncı and Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu received the European Conservatives and Reformist Group Vice Chairmen from the European Parliament Hans-Olaf Henkel (Germany) and Geoffrey Van Orden (UK) respectively last week.

Both Chairmen were briefed on the Cyprus issue and the summit which took place in Crans-Montana, evaluating the likely events which may take place in the future. During the meeting, the continuation of the Turkish Cypriot peoples’ relationship with Europe was discussed, as was the contribution that the European Conservatives and Reformist Group can make as a political party to the process.

Atun: “The TRNC will continue to make progress”

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Education Seminar Programme of the Union of Merchants and Craftsmen Cooperative (TESKOMB), Minister of Economy and Energy Sunat Atun  provided an analysis on the TRNC’s current economic outlook stating ,“Since 2009, the annual number of tourists in the TRNC has increased from 350,000 to 1.5 million. The annual number of passengers has increased from 850,000 to 4 million. Exports have now increased to 300 million Turkish liras from 90 million. The TRNC is growing and continues to make progress.”

Source: TRNC Public Information Office –

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