TRNC News 20.10.2017 Akıncı: “If solution reached, TRNC will be equal founding state”

Speaking at an Economy and Policy Seminar at the Middle East Technical University Campus in the TRNC, President Mustafa Akıncı said that if a solution is reached with the Greek Cypriot side, the TRNC will take its place as an equal founding state, otherwise it will continue on its own way. “There is no need to search for other paths,” Akıncı said.

Stressing that the negotiation method will need to be changed in order to reach a settlement, Akıncı said that it is not possible to continue 50 years of negotiations with an open-ended approach. Akıncı also stated that the Greek Cypriot side must change its mentality in order to achieve a result-oriented, solution-based settlement in Cyprus, “If they do not change their mentality, the result will be deadlock again.”

In his speech, Akıncı also pointed out, “We have not said that negotiations will not be on the agenda again. Different solutions can also be developed in the future but everything must flow through the negotiations. We will not close the doors for dialogue but it is clear at present that establishing dialogue is not possible due to the presidential elections to be held in South Cyprus. Greek Cypriot Foreign Minister Kasulidis and leader of the governing DISY party Averof also said that they are not ready to establish a dialogue due to the forthcoming elections. At the same time, they make unrealistic statements in the heat of the election atmosphere to seem as if they are ready to negotiate tomorrow.”

President Akıncı also addressed UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ Cyprus report, stating that the Turkish Cypriot side had been portrayed unfairly in the report, “It seems that the Secretary-General did not want to blame any side. Although he knows very well which side is responsible for the deadlock, he did not want to state it explicitly. The Turkish Cypriot side and the Greek Cypriot side were portrayed as equally responsible for not showing the necessary political will and overcoming the last hurdle. This is a great  injustice for the Turkish Cypriot side.”

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  1. Why does he keep bringing the “IF” word up after what happened? Just move on, as the Greeks have this attitude that will not change. It must be because it is part of their DNA in their mother’s milk when breast feeding.

  2. Mr. Mustafa should go and ask Erdogon to join him on the basis of an equal founding state. If Mustafa hasn’t woken up to the fact that the TC are on the slippery side by now he never will. Why should the ROC attitude change.

    • Thanks Mike.

      Sadly history has proved that the ROC attitude has not changed for the past 50 years so reaching an agreement on equal status is very unlikely.