By Margaret Sheard …..

We were invited to join the Rotary Club of Kyrenia Cosmopolitan for their fortnightly meeting at the Merit Park Hotel in Karaoğlanoğlu which this time had a special guest speaker, Elena Tanou the 2017/18 Deputy District Governor.

We enjoyed a lovely buffet lunch in a special allotted area of the hotel restaurant prior to the meeting so had an opportunity of speaking socially with some of the Rotary members.

Following lunch we headed to the conference room which had been provided and the meeting commenced with Behiye Műftűzade giving a short speech and introducing those present.   Various Rotary members gave their reports of their particular projects and then Elena Tanou gave her presentation with a slideshow which was entitled “Our Year Together – Rotary in Motion”.  The headings were Making a Difference : Willpower : Exceptional Ideas : Know How : Networking – Local,  National, Global and Elena spoke about each of these subjects.

The next topic was Membership and Elena emphasised the need to encourage youth into Cyprus Rotary in the age group 30+.  There is a need to interact with Universities and a series of 5 lectures will be given to highlight the requirement to help people, through Rotary, to obtain worthwhile jobs.  Also a short film is being produced to promote Rotary via TV and other media channels.

Elena then went on to the next subject which was Environmental Challenges.  There is a need to plant many trees and although this has been done in the past many of the trees have not survived through lack of water etc.   There is also a project to plant 5 large trees at as many schools as possible to provide shade for the children and enhance the environment.

Hotel Project – Elena told the members of her experience in Alaska where the hotel had a policy of where a room was not requested to be cleaned, a cash refund was given.  This policy had an ongoing effect of conserving water and also helping the environment.    Elena said she is endeavouring to introduce this in Cyprus with a sign which is attached to the hotel room door handle and displayed to show “no cleaning required”.  The cash back amount would be €5.   Discussions have already commenced with hotels and the Hoteliers Association.

The final subject was:

Our Achievements and Ongoing Projects

Our achievements have been:

Helping Old Age People Centre

Vakif Food to Needy Families

Fund raising committee is doing so well, we are reaching our target for our Main Project

Ongoing projects :

Food Bank for Vakif, Nicosia

Jessics Bar fund raising for Yesilyurt Special Need School, weekly bingo

Blakes – doing a monthly Quiz Night to fund raise

Blue top collection for wheelchair to Rehabilitation Centre in Nicosia

Weekly Raffle – for Forestry Project

Rotary Club of Kyrenia Cosmopolitan President Gultach Ozsan received a very nice thank you letter from DDG Elena Tanou in which she thanked the Club for their hospitality and congratulated them on the way their meetings were held in correct Rotarian format.  She was also impressed with the involvement of the Club directors and the praise which was given to everyone for their efforts within the Club.

There are a lot of projects in hand and Rotary are doing such a good job of helping people, the environment and health issues throughout the world, as well as the community in their own specific locations.  We are so pleased to be able to share Rotary information with our worldwide readership and will continue to do so.