By Margaret Sheard …..

Having known Richard Chamberlain for some years and giving promotion for his photographic exhibitions and books of photos of Cyprus taken in 1954/55 through, we were delighted to hear that he and his fiancée, Ma Wilma Jordan (Weng), had fixed a date for their marriage – 2nd October 2017.

Richard had for many years wished to return and live permanently in Cyprus but due to his wife’s debilitating illness this was not possible.  Eventually, Vivian sadly died and Richard then decided to make the move to Cyprus as he had always dreamed and after a while he met Weng who is from the Philippines.  They immediately bonded and Richard says Weng has been a tower of strength to him.   Foreign nationals getting married in North Cyprus can involve a lot of paperwork and organisation and despite some initial difficulties, Richard and Weng were eventually able to fix a date and venue for their wedding on 2nd October 2017 at Lord’s Palace in Girne.

The 2nd October arrived, a warm and sunny day, and we made our way to Lord’s Palace to be present at Richard and Weng’s marriage ceremony and following reception in the Köműr Restaurant at Lord’s Palace.

There were 50+ guests who had come along to give their good wishes to Richard and Weng and witness their marriage ceremony.   Weng looked stunning in her bridal gown and Richard very smart in his wedding suit, they made a lovely couple.  Most people when they arrived had a photo taken with Richard and Weng and a little while later the official ceremony was held and Richard and Weng seemed to sign a large number of documents and then they exchanged rings and the ceremony was complete, they were now “man and wife”.

We then sat down at the two long tables for the guests and there was a delicious 3-course meal with a fourth course which was the wedding cake, complete with large sparklers, which Richard and Weng cut with a sword.  It was a lovely reception with lots of conversation and of course eating and drinking.

Throughout the whole afternoon, we were entertained by Jamie Vincent, known to many as The Man in Black, very nice background guitar music to start and later with Jamie singing some great popular songs.   I think we were all surprised when Weng decided to do some entertaining herself.  She is currently learning to play the guitar with tuition by Jamie, and she played and sang to resounding applause.

The afternoon was coming to an end and the guests were starting to drift away so after saying our goodbyes, we also made our way home after a brilliant time at the wedding of Richard and Weng.

Thank you for inviting us to your special day.