TRNC News 2.10.2017 PM Özgürgün receives Turkish Deputy PM Akdağ

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün received the Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Responsible for Cyprus Affairs, Recep Akdağ, for a one-day official visit in the TRNC last Friday (29th September).

Stating that the TRNC has come a long way since the 1974 Cyprus Peace Operation, Özgürgün said that the TRNC’s future development is his greatest wish. Özgürgün added, “We will reflect seriously on this issue, given that it has become evident that a solution to the Cyprus issue cannot be reached within the current parameters. The coming days will be crucial and new opportunities for economic development will become apparent. There will be better days ahead if we continue to strengthen our close cooperation with Motherland Turkey.”

Özgürgün also noted that the ministries of both countries cooperate closely in the health, agricultural, employment and economic sectors.

When speaking of the Greek Cypriot side during his speech, Turkish Deputy Prime Minister Akdağ said, “The Greek Cypriot side believes that if the Cyprus problem is condemned to non-settlement, the TRNC will not be able to develop or stand on its own feet – this is why they consent to the current imposition. They will soon see that the TRNC will begin to develop much faster.”

Akdağ continued, “The Greek Cypriot side must abandon their senseless stubbornness. The TRNC’s water reserves will soon enable lower electricity prices. There are over 90,000 students in the TRNC and the island has great potential as a tourist destination.  Furthermore, agricultural revenues will increase exponentially once irrigation begins. The Greek Cypriot side must abandon their senseless stubbornness. A solution to this issue is of great benefit to them. I would like to address the Greek Cypriot people. These people have lived together in peace for a very long time. For this reason, Greek Cypriots should put pressure on their politicians. If a solution can be found, this country with such great potential will develop and thrive.”

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