TRNC News 29.9.2017 Özgürgün: Greek Cypriots ‘will not impede development and progress’

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün has criticised the Greek Cypriots for not tolerating even the smallest development by the Turkish Cypriot side, adding that the difficulties faced by tourists who come to the TRNC via South Cyprus is the proof of this intolerance.

In one interview, Prime Minister Özgürgün evaluated the obstacles put in place by the Greek Cypriot Administration for tourists who want to come to the TRNC via airports in South Cyprus. “The prevention of Israeli tourists and prohibition from 206 hotels cannot be accepted” Özgürgün added.

The Prime Minister said that the rising number of tourists arriving in the TRNC frightens the Greek Cypriots, and that their only policy with regards to the TRNC is to prevent its development. He added “We will not yield to the Greek Cypriots. We are taking, and will continue to take the necessary measures in partnership with Turkey. They will not be able to stop Turkish Cypriot people’s development and progress”. (Kıbrıstime)

Deputy Prime Minister Akdağ in TRNC

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Recep Akdağ arrived in the TRNC on Friday to hold talks regarding the ongoing cooperation protocol works that have been signed with Turkey.  Akdağ will meet with the leading technical delegation on delivery of these works, and attend the closing session of the Second Economic Program review meeting.

Akdağ will be received by Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber and Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün. During his visit, Akdağ will also visit martyrdoms, at Dipkarpaz, Tatlısu, Hz. Ömer Tomb and Girne Antique Harbour, as well as meeting with teachers and students who visited Çanakkale.

Ertuğruloğlu returns to the TRNC after US meetings

Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu returned to the TRNC yesterday after completing his meetings in the United States of America.

Ertuğruloğlu, has undertaken an intense contact programme in New York and Washington over recent weeks, and attended meetings of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and Organization of Economic Cooperation (ECO), and the US Congress.

Ertuğruloğlu also gave an interview to the television channel, PBS, as well as Slate Magazine. His PBS interview was broadcast during his time in the US.

Foreign Minister Ertuğruloğlu, who attended a lunch at the US Capitol in his honour by John Tanner, former member of the US House of Representatives, also met a number of Members of Congress. In his speech, Ertuğruloğlu gave detailed information about the latest developments in Cyprus, the collapsed negotiations in Crans-Montana and the new process. He expressed that it is not possible to revive the failed process.

Stating that new processes should be discussed in Cyprus, Ertuğruloğlu noted that the UN should open a new page for state to state relations on the basis of equality in Cyprus.

Ertuğruloğlu said that the TRNC will undertake closer relationships with the international community during the new process, and asked for support for lifting the unjustified embargoes against the Turkish Cypriot people.

The Minister stressed that the UN should review its policies in Cyprus for the new process. He said, “Every formula has been tried in the Cyprus negotiations over the last 50 years, yet no success has been achieved, because the Greek Cypriot side does not need to solve it in the current process.

 Ertuğruloğlu continued:

“The process in Crans-Montana came to an end because of the stance of the Greek Cypriot side. Their aim is not finding a solution, but to keep us living under embargoes during an open-ended process. But now the old process is over. Only a solution with two separate states can continue in Cyprus from now on, as it is now. Federation talks are over. “

Lakadamyalı: “Charitable aid and donations are sold in the market or given to relatives”

The TRNC Foreign Ministry Undersecretary Mustafa Lakadamyalı has stated today that the Ministry has received evidence that aid donations which are sent to the Greek Cypriots and the Maronites living in the North are being openly sold in the market or given to relatives.

Lakadamyalı said that the items will be made subject to customs duty procedures if the supply is continued after 1 October 2017. However, he made clear that those who are in genuine need of aid will continue to receive full support by the relevant institutions.

According to a number of sources and reliable documentation, the aid is loaded on UN trucks in the Greek Cypriot side and distributed in the village square, Lakadamyalı said, adding: “Bottled gas, fuel oil and as well as agriculture stuff are supplied, but this is forbidden according to the legislation. The trucks come in without checks and controls”.

The aid has been rendered since 1975 as part of the Protocol on Population Exchange Agreement. However, Lakadamyalı added, “The agreement set out that the UN could visit the Greek Cypriots and the Maronites at any time. There was no content related to materials for consumption. This agreement was devised and implemented during extraordinary circumstances and war at that time. However, these circumstances no longer apply given that the borders opened in 2003”.

In addition, Lakadamyalı added that Greek Cypriots living in Karpaz and engaged in agriculture-animal husbandry benefit from the same support as Turkish Cypriot citizens.

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