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Lions Clubs give Bayram gifts to SOS children

Readers mail …….
Meyrem Dana ……..

Where there is a need, there is a Lion!

Three Lions Clubs from the Northern Cyprus Lions Clubs Federation got together to treat 54 children to new clothes for the upcoming Bayram holiday.

Mağusa Kale Lions Club, Girne Akdeniz Lions Club and Mağusa Mesarya Lions Club joined as one to buy all the children living under the protection of SOS Children’s Village in Lefkoşa new clothes each to their own size as a gift for the Bayram Holidays.

On our arrival we were greeted by Mr Cemil Hafiz, Funds Development Manager, who was  wonderful in explaining the SOS Children’s Village goals and achievements into taking care of every aspect in the development of each child living under the protection of this Association. We would like to encourage more support for this wonderful cause.

Lion Meyrem Dana
Mağusa Kale Lions Club Secretary




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