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John Aziz Kent……..


Dear Chris and Margaret

Reading in Cyprusscene the letters Mr Richard Chamberlain wrote to UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary  (click here) and the reply he has had is of very significant importance to the Turkish Cypriot people. I would strongly recommend that since Cyprusscene is the front runner in this promotion it should go one more step and send the UK’s Foreign Secretary’s department answering email to every TRNC Ministry including the President and the TC’s Minister responsible for Cyprus affairs and also the Turkish Ambassador. 

John Aziz Kent

It is also of importance that  the TRNC Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry, Hoteliers Association, Travel Agents Association and the International and local press and TV, and everybody should be informed of this wonderful answer Mr Richard Chamberlain had to his justified questioning letter to the  UK Government and Foreign and Commonwealth Secretary  about the non recognition of the TRNC.

Of course there will be a lot more correspondence from Cyprusscene and Richard Chamberlain and supporting comments made available to the UK, EU, UN and all other western countries pointing out what the EU promised before and after the referendum of 2004.

The Cypriot Turkish people said yes and the Greek side said NO (OXI) to the UN’s ANNAN PLAN but they never kept to their word to help the Turkish Cypriots and instead they kept on rewarding the newly made member to EU,  the Greek side, and kept punishing the Turkish side with continued and increased embargoes by the now more powerful  Greeks with the help of the EU so let the world know what the answering letter says to Mr Richard Chamberlain and what goes on in Cyprus is not the same or doesn’t the British High Commissioner inform the London Foreign Office of the facts???

Respectfully yours

With thanks to Cyprusscene, Mr Richard Chamberlain and UK’s Foreign Office

John Aziz Kent

Honorary President
Cyprus Turkish Hoteliers Association


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  1. Thanks very much Mr John, We must all keep this ball rolling now. Now that we have started for goodness sake let us try and get some progress and a good end result. All of us should PUSH HARDER. Thanks again Mr John Aziz Kent.

    • Well said Richard and now is the time f0r some unity with folk setting aside their differences and egos and working together for the emergency of a recognised TRNC.