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JUST STOP IT!……..Let’s work together for a recognised TRNC.

Readers mail……..
Serpil Kadilar……..

I lost count of the amount of hate mail I’ve had from Greek Cypriots.  It doesn’t bother me. I actually find them quite funny. My only wish is that they’d actually debate or find a way to refute the facts I write (they can’t – because they’re facts ).

But in general, no. That doesn’t bother me.

I once met a Greek Cypriot woman who tried to tell me that the Greeks built the pyramids (no joke). But the most amazing thing was, she actually found a way to create a timeline and a version of events which although fruitless and untrue, would have sounded like a plausible theory to one who may be uneducated.

My point is, Turkish Cypriots can scream ‘justice‘ and ‘independence‘ as much as they want, but if we don’t correct our own minds in the way we perceive the priority of politics, we have already lost. The way we lost the war on propaganda and spreading TRUTH, which is why ‘Cypriot’ is associated with Greeks worldwide.

For all but one or two (who, for some reason, want to unite with those still crying for ENOSIS), every TC activist,  association, representative and media outlet/journalist and the likes of – that I have ever met, have been wonderful characters, a wealth of knowledge, strong,  assertive and so intelligent in their own individual ways. Such is their unique strengths,  that if we were to join forces,  I’m almost certain that, 5 years from now, we could be looking at an independent TRNC.

The trouble is, I have noticed that almost every one of these people have an issue with the other and most of the time, they’re actions based on ego or petty problems which should certainly not cause any friction beyond enquiring “what, why, can we agree for this to not happen again?”.

But no, instead small issues are blown completely out of proportion, these brilliantly talented people stop communicating,  and then we wonder why we’re not moving forward.

So I write the following with the greatest of love and respect for each of these people who I have genuinely grown to love and respect.



You don’t have to agree with every aspect of the other. You don’t even have to like each other.

If a Greek woman with broken English can find a way to convince people that the Greeks built the pyramids,  and yet we can’t find a way to get along and support each other, we may as well give up.

We are up against people who are extremely clever masters of manipulation when it comes to their position and history on our island, and have a history built on the trickery of others.

No single one of us will ever be individually responsible for the freedom of our country. Neither one of our names will be cast into the five finger mountains, and no statues will be built in our image.

If we come together, work together,  and of course, take the thoughts and feelings of the other into consideration, please believe me when I say, we will succeed, and you will immortalize your names for the role you play.

Again, I’m calling upon all activists, associations, journalists and pro TC members – let’s wipe the slate clean – get in touch with the people you have an issue with, clarify your concerns and then put it to bed and let’s move on as one. If we can do this, (which we quite simply can) I know we will reach our common goal sooner than you could possibly imagine.

With my love and respect



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  1. You are so right, My belief has always been the same pathetic Turkish Cypriots who never seem to want to work together divide have always been, I fully agree on your views and support your vision to go forward