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Readers mail……..

We are the Mağusa Kale Lions one of the 12 Lions Clubs in Northern Cyprus together with 2 Leo Clubs. We have been an official member of the International Lions Clubs since 1997. We serve voluntary work to our community in many ways. We serve for the youth, old, health and environmental. From planning and organising events for fund raising and then use the raised money to help in many other ways. Here are a few examples.

We have purchased much medical equipment for the state hospitals. Made and decorated a nursing room for breastfeeding mothers. Visit often the old people’s homes with gifts and organise a party for them. Even treat them to a day of pampering by bringing in barbers and hairdressers. We hold an annual sports days for kids and a Peace Poster competition. We help with aid for the disadvantaged. University grants given. School uniform, shoes, books etc. Give seminars on drugs diabetes and cancer.

Our latest activity:

On the 11th of August, our club Mağusa Kale Lions Club along with Mağusa Mesarya Lions Club and Girne Akdeniz Lions Club held a Beach sweep at the shores of EMU Beach Club to help prepare a clean sandy beach for the release of the newly hatched Baby Caretta Caretta Sea Turtles.

We had the pleasure and support of the youth from the SOS Children’s Village, Inönü İKSAD association youth joined us in the beach clean up. It was a fun and cheerful day where we also encouraged the tourists and summer students at the beach to join us. When we were satisfied we had cleaned the sands we were joined by Professors Dr Burak Ali Çiçek and his team from The Eastern Mediterranean University Underwater Biologists team to release the newly hatched sea Turtles Caretta Caretta to the Mediterranean Sea. The Caretta Caretta Turtles are under threat of extinction and are under protection by many Associations on the Island.


Before the release, information about the Caretta Caretta Turtles was given and then the release was excitingly held. The beginning of a great adventure of each Turtle was amazing to witness. As well as the joy of children and adults as they were educated and watched the moment each turtle took itself to the sea.

This activity is just one of many annual events we hold. As well as daily voluntary work, the Northern Cyprus Lions Clubs Federation Club organise and do many special projects.


Meyrem Dana

Mağusa Kale Club Secretary


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