Reader’s mail from Bibhas Neogi …….

Charges for water in Kyrenia area – As far as I am aware there was no consultation with the users about the likely charges that would be made once water from Turkey comes to the TRNC. It is good that now there will be no rationing during summer months but an average household uses at least ten tonnes of water a month.

Based on the old charging regime the monthly bill would have been 27TL for standing charges including up to10 tonnes of water. Now the same 10 tonnes plus revised standing charges of 12TL comes to 72TL because each tonne is charged starting at 5TL per tonne and then according to a gradually rising scale.

It is true that during winter months water usage would be lower but even with, say, 5 tonnes per month, the charges would be about 40 TL. So whereas in the old system albeit water supply was restricted during summer months, one would have paid 324TL a year whereas now the bill for 4 winter months and 8 summer months will be 4×40 + 8×72 = 736TL. This is 230% increase! Can this be justified? Who is making money at the expense of ordinary TRNC folks? I would rather switch off Turkish water and revert to the old system even when it means hardship during summer months.

I wonder how the locals are bearing this cost as it is quite high together with higher electricity cost.

Editor’s comment:

Thank you for your comment and due to our weakness with the Turkish language we are not able to monitor all of the various publications to be aware of all of the facts.

Our understanding is that the Turkish water being brought to Northern Cyprus needed massive investment from Turkey and all of the infrastructure is now in place.

What we are now seeing is localised installation of water pipes and power cables under the contracts being placed by the local municipalities so perhaps this cost factor being paid by them needs to be taken into account.

As far as Girne Belediyesi is concerned, the monthly bill includes other charges such as street lighting and street cleaning etc. and this also needs to be taken into account if the actual bill total is being questioned.

Noting the huge amount of work being carried out by the Girne Municipality to restore our roads following the laying of pipes etc. the costs have to be covered from various sources, including the water charges.   We feel this is a small price to pay for much needed water and good roads.