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A puppy called Elvis by Bob Scott


Introduction by Margaret Sheard ……

I remember way back in the 1950s a work colleague of mine had a cat which she named Elvis.  Her mother refused to go out to call the cat with this name.   I was therefore very amused to receive a reader’s letter from Bob Scott, which he thought the KAR staff in North Cyprus would enjoy.

A Puppy called Elvis

By Bob Scott …..

A little funny story, a week last Tuesday I went to the Barbers for a haircut, when I arrived an unusual sight awaited me, it was only unusual because it was in a barbers shop, a little four month old Beagle cross puppy, he had a bed and his toys but he was more interested in the customers, nervous at first but soon settled down.

I asked Jean, the owner, what his name was? Elvis she replied, why Elvis I asked and she said it was because her husband wanted to name their last dog Elvis and he lost out, so this pup got the Elvis name.

So I just had to sketch and paint Elvis, I thought you might wish to share this with some of the K.A.R. people.

For those Elvis fans, although Bob’s painting shows Blue Suede Shoes, we decided to show below a video of Hound Dog for our readers to enjoy.