TRNC News 28.7.2017 Akıncı: “not pleased with Eide’s attitude and statements”

President Mustafa Akıncı has said that they are not pleased with Eide’s attitude and statements. He said, “We want Eide to be more honest. We want him to say clearly with whom the responsibility lies. We want him to publicly say what he says to us in private. However, we know that he cannot do that.”

Speaking during an activity, President Akıncı also said that the UN will continue its balance policy considering the future of Cyprus.

Akıncı said, “UN parameters are being discussed in these days. The problem is not the parameters but the mentality”. He continued, “The problem is the Greek Cypriots’ mentality, which does not allow any possibility for a solution within these parameters.”

Pointing out that all three conferences in Switzerland were organized thanks to the real willingness of the Turkish Cypriot side to find a solution, while the Greek Cypriot leader Anastasiades constantly displayed unwillingness, Akıncı stressed that all conferences were unsuccessful. He said that when the Turkish Cypriot side accepted 29.2% of the map, the Greek Cypriot side panicked and Anastasiades told him “Mr Akıncı sorry but I am not ready”.

Akıncı also referred to a statement by AKEL’s leader who said “Anastasiades did not go to Crans-Montana with the aim of finding a solution; instead he went to lay the responsibility on someone else.”

The President stressed that although Turkey and the TRNC will never accept ‘0 troops and 0 guarantees’, they want a system to protect the security of the Turkish Cypriots and they have made some concessions accordingly, which the UN and the EU witnessed.

Juncker sends letter to Akıncı and Anastasiades

President of the European Commission Jean Claude Juncker has sent a letter to President Mustafa Akıncı and Greek Cypriot leader Nikos Anastasiades in which he stressed that the European Commission will continue to help the parties in the efforts to reach a settlement.

Stating that any path to reach a settlement should be carefully evaluated and bridges should be built, Juncker said that he, and the European Commission, will always support the parties on the island.

Maronite villages preparing for settlement

Following the decision taken by the TRNC Presidency to allow for the return of all Maronites to their villages, plans for the resettlement are now underway.

The plans for the resettlement of Maronites are being carried out by the Presidency, through the Prime Minister, related ministries and the Security Forces.

Presidential Undersecretary Gürdal Hüdaoğlu said that preparatory work will include facilitating measures to make the return to the village rapid and smooth.

“Racist ship” released

The C-Star, a ship hired by a far-right group which was carrying 20 Sri Lankans and which was being held at the port of Gazimağusa, was released due to lack of evidence.

After appearing in court on Thursday, the captain and the crew were taken to the port of Gazimağusa and released. The owner of the vessel was taken to the Aknar border gate to pass to the Greek Cypriot side.

While talking about peace, on the other hand Greek Cypriots develop electronic warfare systems

According to Greek Cypriot daily Fileleftheros, Limassol-based high technology communication intelligence company Plath Ltd., member of the German PLATH group, has signed a contract with the German Armed Forces to supply electronic warfare systems. It was stated that the system includes 12 armoured vehicles with modern innovative technology.

This has been the most important contract in Electronic Warfare for the German Armed Forces in the recent years and the largest contract won by a small-medium size company. With this outstanding reference, PLATH proves its international leadership in mobile tactical communication intelligence, developed through more than 63 years of experience in this challenging field and roots back to 1837.

With about 400 employees located in Germany, France, Switzerland and Cyprus, the PLATH Group is one of the biggest business units in the domain of Communications Intelligence. The portfolio covers cutting edge products, solutions and worldwide services for Communications Intelligence (COMINT), Electronic Intelligence (ELINT) and Electronic Warfare (EW) as well as for regulatory authorities for telecommunication.

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