Zeytinli Sokak, Dogankoy has been upgraded

The road was upgraded after the sidewalk was extended by moving back a wall belonging to a house in Zeytinli Sokak on the outskirts of Dogankoy.

Girne Municipality started work to upgrade the road complete with a rainwater drainage line which was laid after the sidewalk was extended by moving back a  wall belonging to a house in Zeytinli Sokak at  the entrance to Doganköy from the Semih Sancar Caddesi roundabout .

Girne Mayor Nidai Güngördü said that the current road is inadequate for the region which is constantly growing and developing and said that the wall was pulled back by the house owner who was sensitive to the needs of road users. Nidai Güngördü stated that by expanding the road and making the pavement, traffic will be able to move more easily.


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  1. Extremely good news that the dreadful state of the road caused, in part, by the construction of Emtan Towers has now, at long last, been repaired. The next major step is for the replacement of the three ‘speed humps’ that were removed to allow for the re-tarmacking.

    Zeytinlik Sok. is still a road through a village area and as it has now been significantly widened, this has allowed traffic speeds to increase, increasing the risk to both pedestrians and there are still areas with no pavements with the village children playing on bikes etc.

    Once all the remaining tower blocks come ‘online’, together with at least one more soon to start, the increase in traffic will mean the very real risk of a death on that stretch of road unless traffic calming measures are reinstated!

    Please can the Mayor give urgent priority to getting the Kasisli Yollar (speed humps) put back ASAP. The residents along the road and in the village can then rest a little more easily knowing that no child, or for that matter animal, will be killed or seriously injured by speeding traffic!