May 31, 2023

By Chris Krzentz……..

chris-krzentzWith the many trips back to Cyprus to discover much of its heritage and people, I have had so much support and help from my dear friend, Tuncer Bagiskan, the Turkish Cypriot retired archaeologist and in this video interview, I would like to share with you what he told us in October 2014.

Tuncer Bagiskan

Tuncer’s father served with the Cyprus Regiment in Egypt during WW2 and went to great efforts to care for his family when Tuncer was born in 1947.

Istanbul University was where Tuncer studied, in particular archaeology, and on returning to Cyprus in 1972 he joined the army as this was the only work he could find and then in 1973 he emigrated to London where he worked in a fish and chip shop and later his wife and daughter joined him.

After 3 years in the UK, he returned to North Cyprus and started working for the Ministry of Antiquities as a field archaeologist and worked on many fascinating excavations during which time many important finds were made and many of these are now displayed in Kyrenia Castle.

Tuncer became the Deputy Director of the archeological department before he moved to Kyrenia Castle and during the time he was there developing its promotion and heritage conservation, he was to see the arrival of the famous Kyrenia Shipwreck.

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