TRNC News 27.7.2017 Olgun and Ertuğ: “Eide went beyond his authority”

Former negotiators Ergün Olgun and Osman Ertuğ have criticized the UN Secretary General’s Special Adviser on Cyprus Espen Barth Eide for the statements made on the issue of Security and Guarantees and for “going beyond his authority”.

In a written statement, Olgun and Ertuğ called on Eide to avoid making biased statements. They stressed that Eide’s criticisms of the guarantee system, which prevented the island from being united to Greece, are unacceptable. Those criticisms don’t take into consideration the hostility towards Turkish Cypriots in the Greek Cypriot side and the reality that the ‘Cyprus Republic’ has been under the occupation of Greek Cypriots since 1963, that the TRNC continues to suffer the consequences of isolation and that the Greek Cypriot side continues their unilateral natural gas explorations.

Furthermore, they stressed that thanks to the Security and Guarantee system that came into force in 1960, the Turkish Cypriot people have been protected “from being destroyed” and the island was prevented from becoming a Hellenic island therefore Eide’s making serious statements on the issue of Security and Guarantee cannot be accepted.

TRNC Presidency: Maronites to return to their villages

The TRNC Presidency has decided to allow for the return of all Maronites to their villages in North Cyprus.

The decision was taken during a meeting held yesterday by President Mustafa Akıncı at the Presidential Office.

The decision was taken jointly by all Turkish Cypriot political associations and will be implemented by all the institutions involved. The necessary regulations, a road map and a calendar of implementation will be prepared soon.

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  1. How can the island ever be reunited when there are Greek Thugs demonstrating against any Turkish Day of Remembrance and yet they praise and promote EOKA?

    Does the EU and the UN endorse the Genocide of the Turkish People on the island?

    • I agree and the UN are nothing more than Biased useless idiots, (which is far too polite) lining their own pockets. You only have to look at Israel and how they are with them. Disgraceful behaviour and same towards TRNC