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St Andrews Church, Kyrenia : Summer 2017 newsletter

We are pleased to share a link to the latest Magazine from St Andrews Church, Kyrenia and you can read more of some of the features shown below by clicking on the magazine picture.

News from The Hermitage

Beauty from ashes. 

It is extremely difficult for any of us, who are born into a situation of privilege, to speak  with any integrity on hopelessness and despair. Yet we do pray regularly for those who are “worse off than ourselves”. In many of our services we have someone who leads the prayers of intercession for us, guiding the collective thoughts of God’s assembled people  to bring before God his church throughout the world, the secular governments and  powers and dominions of this world, our own ministry and life, as well as those who are  fragile in any way, and in need of his loving and healing touch…………..See more

Friends of St Andrew’s

A Letter From Pat Etherington

Hello Everyone,

Well, we celebrated Pentecost with a lovely service, the church was decorated with flame coloured ribbons and white doves and the flowers were simply wonderful; deep orange gladioli made a framework of flames and it was lightened at the front with various shades of orange and yellow…………..See more

Fund raising

St Andrews Church, Kyrenia is very active with projects to help raise funds for their own needs and the needs of others and you can read more of this in the magazine under Used Stamps, Used Cards,  The Marvellous Food Bank…………..and more

St Andrew’s Olive Oil 

October is traditionally Harvest Time in many countries in the northern hemisphere, and Cyprus is no different. When we think of the Mediterranean and its wonderful healthy diet we are often reminded of one of its staple ingredients – olive oil.

In 2009 the garden of the Chaplain’s residence, the Hermitage, was planted with olive trees under the direction of the then Chaplain, the Rev’d Michael Houston through the generosity of Michael May. The olives are maintained through the hard work of parishioners and friends. It is self-funded and is a fundraising initiative of St Andrew’s.

Each year “volunteers” come together to gather this bountiful crop to be processed into the outstanding, though not quite yet award-winning, St Andrew’s brand. Although the work is hard the reward is great, made easier by those who, though perhaps not able to sustain the rigours of reaching the topmost branches of the trees, provide the pickers with wonderful home-made sustenance in the form of delicious refreshments…………..See more.

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