December 4, 2023

By Margaret Sheard ……

In October 2016 there was a wonderful gathering of members of the “Frozen Cypriots” group at the Bűyűk Han in Lefkoşa (Nicosia).   At this event Richard Chamberlain displayed some of the photographs he took while serving with the British Army in Cyprus in 1954/55 and there was a great deal of interest in these photographs of Cyprus past.

Richard has now received permission from the Lefkoşa Municipality to hold an exhibition of his photographs at the Bűyűk Han which will run for 6 days from Monday 29th May until Saturday 3rd June, and he is very proud and privileged to be able to have the exhibition at this historic venue.

For those interested in photography and the history and culture of Cyprus, this is an opportunity to see very good quality black and white photographs and also later colour photos of some of the same locations all those years before.

Richard has published 2 books, one showing the photographs taken in 1954, and the second book with the addition of more recent shots to give a comparison after a 60 year period, and in some cases there hardly seems to be any change at all.

The Bűyűk Han is a lovely place to visit and very appropriate for this type of exhibition, so it will be well worth popping in to see the exhibition and perhaps have a coffee or stay longer and have a nice meal at the Cypriot Restaurant in Bűyűk Han which serves traditional Cypriot cuisine.


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