We are publishing the following readers letter from John Aziz Kent regarding our article Girne American University Nursing Team gives help to Ozanköy road traffic accident victim

“Dear Chris Elliott,

Your article about the traffic accident tragedy that must have destroyed the lives of Zühre and her mother Fatma Akyulaf for the last 23 years is so important. 

Still to this day our policy makers have not come up with any approved help organisation like in UK or other civilised countries and it is people like Dr Mehmet Avcı of Girne American University as usual trying to help the would be responsible authorities.

Somehow they never think that tragedies of this kind can happen and yet thanks to you Chris, maybe if you link this article to all Government Ministries and TAK, hopefully someone might take notice.

The Cypriot Turkish people are fully aware of all the help they are getting from so many Expats and of course your Cyprusscene Publicity Campaign as always is keeping up with informing wherever you can and this might wake up the Health Care organisation like you did with all those nice GAU and Girne Akçiçek Hastanesi people and everybody appreciates what you all have done in trying to help those in need.

On behalf of the Hoteliers Association, we also thank you.

John Aziz Kent
Honorary President”