December 11, 2023

The first ever Geek Festival in the TRNC will be taking place on the 14th May at Kings Bowling Alley from 11am to 8pm.

Geek Festivals are gathering popularity throughout the world as a platform for people to dress up in fictional/fantasy characters i.e. Superman, Darth Vader, Batman etc and challenge each other in teams to games.  There is a charge for entrance to the team games.

The day is open to everyone, all ages, and you do not have to dress up!  Entrance is free if you wish to come and browse the stalls, watch the games, eat or to simply take in the atmosphere.

The Geek Team wants to support Tulips/HTWCA/KHYD and consequently have invited Tulips to attend the event to raise both awareness and also raise money for cancer care and patients.

Time table of events

The Tulips team of volunteers will be running a Tombola throughout the day, however due to the event taking place over a period of 9 hours, donations of suitable goods are very much needed and we need a very many prizes to last the day!

Can everyone please look and see if they have an item or two that we could use?  It could be an unwanted gift, anything that has been purchased and not used or anything that is simply surplus to your requirement.  The only thing we ask is that the item donated is new and/or in their original packaging/box.

Anything you wish to donate can either be left at our Tulips stall Lambousa on a Saturday morning, or ring 0548 870 2281 to arrange collection.

We thank you for any support you can give us and we hope to raise not just loads of money on the day, but much more awareness of what Tulips/help Those With Cancer Association provides all people here in the TRNC.

Further information on the Geek Festival can be found on: Click here or on their Facebook page: Cyprus Geek Team

Thank you

Many thanks
Sue and Carole


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  1. Clicked on the link as was reading this as Greek Festival and so was very interested as to what was being planned. It was only after reading a bit about Superman, Batman etc that the penny dropped and I realised there was no ‘R’ in the title. Oh well, perhaps another visit to the opticians!

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