TRNC Minister Fikri Ataoğlu: The priority is the protection of movable cultural assets

The Centre for the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, which is under the Ministry of Tourism and Environment’s Ministry of Antiquities and Heritage Office, has started conservation activities for movable artefacts in restoration and conservation laboratories equipped with modern technology.

Tourism and Environment Minister Fikri Ataoglu stated that it is very meaningful for the Centre for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage to take place in an historic area and a historical building like Lefkoşa Wall Street.

Minister Ataoğlu stated that it is important to have this service as, although the Centre was established many years ago, there was previously a lack of experts who had been trained in this field.

Closely following the work in the laboratory, Ataoğlu also stated that the conservation work of the team is both impressive and proud.

Ataoglu said that they will continue to provide the necessary support for bringing the centre to a more comprehensive restoration and conservation operation.

Fuat Azimli, Director of the Department of Antiquities and Heritage, stated that many efforts have been made to put the centre into service for many years and finally he started to work with the right staff and has been successful in a very short time .. Azimli gave detailed information about the work.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Müge Şevketoğlu, who works as a consultant for the organization and the work of the Centre for the Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Heritage, gave information about the in-service training programs to be carried out jointly with the International University of Cyprus, Archaeology Cultural Heritage and Conservation Centre.