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Lapta Primary School receive donation from The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR)

By Pamela Tschersich – TFR …..

Sandy Oram, Headmaster-Lapta Primary School, Pamela Tschersich

During an enjoyable afternoon BBQ at The Blue Song Restaurant in Lapta to celebrate Easter Monday, The Foreign Residents in the TRNC (TFR) raised 700TL from the raffle and this was topped up by TFR to make 1000TL, which was presented to the Lapta Primary School by Sandy Oram and myself on Wednesday 19th April together with Kerim, the Manager of the Blue Song Restaurant.

They were delighted and extend their grateful thanks to all members of TFR.

The donation will enable the school to finish their project of making a suitable shade and seating area for the children.

Our thanks for various donations go to ….

Blue Song Restaurant … donations of alcohol and dinner for 2
Café Des Artists … dinner for 2
Seapoint……dinner for 2
Dostlar Bar ….. dinner for 2
Silver Rocks….dinner for 2
Illeli Supermarket , shopping voucher,
Ayın pharmacy… shopping voucher
Wine and glasses donated by a kind-hearted member
Dağlı car insurance
Easter Eggs and chocolate from TFR