Plaque of thanks to Minister Ataoğlu from Northern Cyprus Cycling Federation

Plaque of thanks to Minister Ataoğlu from the Northern Cyprus Cycling Federation

The President of the Northern Cyprus Cycling Federation, Ekin Adademir, made a visit to Minister Ataoğlu to thank him for his contribution to the 2nd International North Cyprus Bicycle Tour.

Minister of Tourism and Environment, Fikri Ataoglu, said in his speech that they are working to ensure that sports tourism has a distinct place in the tourism range of North Cyprus, pointing out the importance of alternative tourism varieties in the development of the country.

Ataoğlu said that the bicycle tour that took place is extremely important in showing that our country is suitable for such international sporting organizations. “We will hereafter continue to contribute to expanding this event”.

Adademir also expressed his gratitude to Minister Ataoğlu, emphasizing that he has given his total support to the organization from the first day, as he believed in the importance of the organization and its contribution to the country.