December 6, 2023

By Chris Krzentz……..

chris-krzentzNow this article is different and very tasty as my dear friend Tuncer Bagiskan, the Turkish Cypriot retired archaeologist, and I continued our adventures in Northern Cyprus when we visited the Kardeşler Fırını or bakery in Bogaz  village near Kyrenia.

I wanted to go there because in the past I have given my mother and auntie Halloumi or Hellim which is a Cypriot delicacy and they liked it so much they asked me to bring them some more.

Halloumi or Hellim is a Cypriot semi-hard, unripe brine cheese made from a mixture of goats and sheep’s milk, and sometimes also cows milk and it has a high melting point and so can easily be fried or grilled and tastes delicious.

Whilst we were there the baker showed us the ovens where he bakes the bread, of which there are so many mouth watering choices to be made.

Please sit back and enjoy the video of our visit to the  Kardeşler Fırını and if you like my videos, feel free to subscribe to my global YouTube channel click here and you can also find me by clicking on the following links FacebookChris Krzentz Presents, Cyprus Culture Group, Twitter, LinkedIn,

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2 thoughts on “Buying Halloumi (Hellim) at a Turkish Cypriot Bakery in Cyprus

  1. It was a nice day dear Chris… Hope to see you this year again…

  2. Thank you Tuncer for the comment, and thank you for taking me all around the island filming. I will try to visit Cyprus again this October, so we can continue filming from where we left off. Thank you my friend.

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