By Trevor Hughes……


Why are people so obsessed with letting people know, what they are doing, when they are doing it, where they are doing it, and even how long they are away from their home?

You may have read recently about the Chelsea football player John Terry who did exactly that and his home, whilst away, was burgled and he had several precious items of jewellery stolen from his home. Click here 

If you are telling your friends about your exploits, you are also telling people who steal from homes, and they can enter your home without much risk.

If you suffer burglary and use the internet to tell everybody that you have been away, your insurance company may refuse your compensation claim!!!

Road Tax Incorporated into the Price of Petrol

In last month’s News Round, I reported that road tax was to be abolished and incorporated into the price of petrol (click here) . Well it certainly caught the authorities on one leg. Rumour is still abounding and even the offices involved are still not sure whether it is going to happen or not. Some personnel are still issuing road tax for a maximum of six months because it is going to be implemented soon and some are reporting that it is not, due to the chip and pin system taking favour!! Watch this space for more news!

Mobile Phone Registration

If you need to register your mobile phone you can now register it from the offices in the new harbour (Yeni Liman) in Girne. The offices are located in the two-storey building on your left-hand side as you enter the harbour area.

Child Car Seats, Stair Gates, High Chairs and Portable Cots

It’s that time of the year again when your visitors with young children come and holiday here with you and you may/will require the use of any of the above equipment.

Dagli Sigorta in Karaoğlanoğlu have these items for hire at extremely favourable prices. All the equipment is thoroughly checked for safety, deodorised and machine washed before they are re-hired. Your pickup taxi may well offer these items for rental, but are usually extremely dirty and quite often smell of cigarette smoke.

Do you really want your favourite grandchildren seated/carried/ or sleeping in equipment that’s unfit for purpose, unsafe and/or unhealthy?

Bayram Holidays

There are no Bayram holidays this month.

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