July 7, 2022

By Chris Elliott……..

Time is moving on and young Kai Fletcher has been training hard and preparing for the 2017 Esentepe Fun Run and Ramble races which are 2km, 5km and 8km and, with his father Ian, Kai will be running all three. His mother Sharon is running the 5km with her friends and his younger brother, Kade will run the 2km for the first time.

Ian, Kai, Sharon and Kade Fletcher getting ready

As a family and with their friends they are hoping to raise lots of donations in aid of Tulips and they have also persuaded a few brave souls to join them and form the Hat Trick Club to bring more people together to run and walk in aid of Tulips through the EFRAR event and we would like to ask our readers to dig deep and send Kai a message and promise of a donation in the contact box below.

To read more of the Hat Trick Club participation in EFRAR 2017 please click here.

Inspiration of a Runner

By Kai Fletcher…….

Running is not just about fitness it’s about having the right frame of mind. If you are not in the correct mental state then you can guarantee you will fail.

Running helps people think. In fact personally I solve mathematics whilst running! A run helps clear your thoughts. 

Running is a symbol of strength. In the 1936 Olympics Jesse Owens was a black American runner who represented everything that an athlete should and even stood up to Hitler.

Running is an internationally recognised sport so there are no excuses, all you need is a track or create your own circuit.

Buy a cheap set of headphones, stick them in an mp3/4 player or your smartphone, create a playlist of your favourite songs from my point of view every song should have a motivational message.

Dieting is not always necessary but like myself who trains for certain events, in the run up (no pun intended) to it you should increase water consumption and eat a lot of Carbohydrates and Proteins.

My next big challenge, the Esentepe Fun, Run and Ramble, is now getting close and my family and I are going for a hat-trick set  of runs on the 9th April in aid of Tulips (Help those with Cancer Association).

We are looking for sponsors again.. but we are also looking for people to join us on the 3 runs and really get the “hat-trick club” going – 8kms at 10.30; 2kms at 11.30 and 5kms at 12 noon.

Do come and join us as participants or runners and sponsorship forms for the Esentepe Fun, Run and Ramble 2017 are available by emailing efrar2017@outlook.com and we do hope you will support us.

You can read my first article about running in the EFRAR 2016 race by clicking here.

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