August 8, 2022

St Andrew’s Church, Kyrenia, 3rd March 2017

It has been the tradition at St Andrew’s Kyrenia for many years that we join together with women around the world to pray together on the occasion of The Women’s World Day of Prayer. This year’s service took place on Friday afternoon, 3rd March 2017, and had been designed by the women of the Philippines.


Am I Being Unfair to You?

Program written by the World Day of Prayer Committee of the Philippines
Matthew 20:1-16

Our service began with ladies entering the circle of worship dressed as women from the Philippines, carrying symbols representing the lives of many Filipino women and girls. They are often victims of domestic violence or sex trafficking, migrant domestic workers abroad, and survivors harmed emotionally and economically by disasters in the environment or unsustainable development policies.

Using Matthew’s parable of the Labourers in the Vineyard and hearing of the lives of some of the women in the Philippines, we learnt that God gave these islands abundant resources, both human and material. God is the great provider and provision is for all of creation.

Migrant workers, farmers and indigenous peoples in the Philippines offered us a perspective to reflect on the main Bible text of the service. God’s economic justice is in contrast to the economy where the strong and powerful take God’s resources for themselves and their families. The kingdom of God provides for all, even for those who do not acknowledge it. In the coming days we will be reflecting on the words “Am I being unfair to you?”

Below are some photos from the service in St. Andrew’s and more can be seen and articles read by clicking here.

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