By Chris Elliott……

You have to see it to believe it!

Yes, since those days many years ago when I first arrived in North Cyprus at Ercan airport despite the ongoing international embargoes, so much has changed with very impressive development in many places and no more so than at Ercan Airport. It attracts very little comment by the international press but in many ways it is up there in the big league despite all that the naysayers try to do to prevent the development of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Reading the Hürriyet Daily News there is a very thought provoking article by Ömer Bilge, a contributor, which tells us of what a transformation is taking place at Ercan Airport.

Ercan Airport 1975 - pefabricated terminal building
Photos courtesy of Captain Emre Unel

The new face of North Cyprus: Ercan Airport

“We are going through a period when holiday-goers not only seek sea, sand, sun, together with history and nature, but also prioritize peace and safety. North Cyprus, which stands as an island of tranquility at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, is not an attraction center only for tourists, but also for those who want to reside permanently.”

There follows an excellent account of how Ercan Airport is being redeveloped and without doubt in the next few years we will see an increase in visitors to our lovely island and if the unjust international embargoes are lifted, then surely the TRNC will become a Jewel in the Crown of Mediterranean tourism .

“In 2016, Turkish citizens visiting the island have increased by 9 percent, reaching 1,218,232. Foreign nationals visiting the island dropped 3.7 percent in 2016 because of negative developments in the region and remained at 358,841. 

Mainland Turks visiting the island are in search of a tranquil holiday, while the drop in the number of foreigners is because they don’t know this feature of the island, being affected by regional events. Northern Cyprus should be re-explored, especially by Turkish people.”


To read more of this fascinating article and learn so much more of the redevelopment, please  follow the source link: The new face of North Cyprus: Ercan Airport – CONTRIBUTOR