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From Kyrenia Animal Rescue Bazaar to a Bracing Britain

KAR header logoBy Kim Betts…

Six weeks on — from the KAR Christmas Bazaar to Bracing Britain

lulu-at-the-bazaarLots of people who attended the KAR Xmas bazaar met the lovely Lulu. She was helping her owners Rebecca and Elizabeth out on the tombola stall. She was as pretty as a picture in her seasonal headdress

However it was a bitter sweet day for Rebecca, Elizabeth and Lulu as it would be their last KAR Bazaar – plans were well underway for them (and their 2 cats Kitty and Mammy) to relocate to the UK. As Rebecca and Elizabeth were returning to the UK before their pets, arrangements had been made for all three to go into cat/dog boarding and for them to be taken to the KAR office on their days of travel. Kitty and Mammy (the cats) would be travelling first and Lulu (dog) the following day – with all three being delivered together to their new home in Sunderland, where Rebecca and Elizabeth would be waiting for them.

Their travel plans all went according to plan and all three pets were safely delivered to Rebecca and Elizabeth on Thursday 26th January 2017.

After everyone settled in and had recovered from their long journeys, Rebecca sent us this update ……

Dear Kim, Margaret and Yasmin,

 Just wanted to extend a massive thank you to all of you for the support you gave us with your care and transport for Lulu and the kitties.

Everything that you all have done for us, have made us a very happy little family!



We cannot thank you all enough for the massive, yet varying roles that you played in looking after our precious girls…paper work, injections, Vets, stitches, flights and, most of all, love and care for our girls!

Your support though our most worried times, being there at the other end of the phone and your progress emails was invaluable. You are all fantastic!

We are looking forward to sharing our new little lives together!

All love

Rebecca, Elizabeth

Lulu, Mammy and kitty (ninja!)”

Everyone at KAR and all of their friends wish Lulu, Kitty and Mammy a very Happy New Life in the UK with Elizabeth and Rebecca – let’s hope that Lulu finds a new Xmas event to show off her seasonal headdress !