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Bob Howard’s 92nd Birthday Celebration

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A great evening was had by all at the Olive Press on 16th January 2017, as a very special “young man” celebrated his 92nd birthday!

Bob Howard chose to celebrate his birthday with 35 family and friends and requested that no presents be bought for him, but instead donations could made and they would be divided equally between Tulips/HTWCA and The Royal British Legion.

Two charities that are close to Bob’s heart.


Mal (son-in-law) and Christine (daughter) Brown with Bob Howard

After listening to Brian Thomas’ speech about Bob Howard’s involvement in the last war, everyone had a tear in their eye, because only then did they realise that Bob is in fact a “true hero”, having been involved in the fighting prior to and on D-Day and survived to tell the tale.

Bob stood up and said “I’m not a hero, I was doing my job”, a true gentleman!

An incredible sum of 1,010TL was raised on the night, giving both charities 505TL each.

On behalf of Tulips, we would like to express our sincere thanks to Bob once again for thinking of Tulips and would like to wish this “true gentleman” a very happy birthday.

Many thanks
Sue and Carole