December 6, 2022

President Akıncı: “If they do not agree on an honourable solution, we will continue our path as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

President Mustafa Akıncı cut short his İstanbul trip due to the deadly road traffic accident that took place yesterday morning and returned to the island last night. Akıncı made the opening speech at the 7th Bosporus Summit, organized by the International Cooperation Platform, and cancelled the rest of his programme.


In his speech President Mustafa Akıncı said, “If the Greek Cypriot side agree on an honourable solution, we will take our place as one of the two equal constituent states.  However, if they are not willing to do so, we will continue our path as the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.”

President Akıncı also stated that globalization is an important reality.

Noting that it is difficult to live in an insular way after the rapid development and sharing of capital, information and technology in recent years, Akıncı continued, “Any society and anyone can no longer exist by turning his back on the world. However, as the Turkish Cypriots we have been excluded from the global network of relations. We have been suffering from this for years. The other society that has seized our rights since 1963 has tried to condemn us to live in isolation from the world. Our opening to the world has been only through Turkey in every respect.”

Pointing out the importance of economic cooperation for stability, peace and prosperity, Akıncı said, “There is an important opportunity in the Eastern Mediterranean in this regard.  We need to evaluate important opportunities together.”

 Turkish President Erdoğan warns that the Greek Cypriot side cannot control the whole of the island

Speaking during the 7th Boğaziçi Summit under the theme “Global Future: Human Centred, Intelligent Economy”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan warned that the Greek Cypriot side are using deliberate delaying tactics during the negotiations and raised concerns that they are seeking control of the whole island.


 President Erdoğan said: “The talks have been going on for too long, despite the stated aim of the negotiations in Cyprus to bring about a result before the end of 2016. This continuous delaying is a deliberate tactic The Greek Cypriot side’s expectation is for us to hand over the whole of Cyprus to them not to intervene in anything. This appears to be their aim. But the blood of many martyrs lies on the island. What are we expected to hand over? ”

According Anadolu Agency, Erdoğan stressed that without any shame or hesitation, they [the Greek Cypriots] attend EU meetings with a flag depicting Cyprus as a whole. Such a flag cannot exist. There are Turkish Cypriots in Cyprus. They (the Greek Cypriots) are the Greek Administration of South Cyprus. There is a Turkish Republic in North Cyprus. They should acknowledge and respect this and the rights of Turkish Cypriots. One way or another, they must learn and understand this.

Siber expressed her condolences regarding the horrific traffic accident

The Speaker of the Assembly Sibel Siber expressed her condolences to all victims and families affected by the horrific accident which caused death of three people.


Siber wished that God’s peace will rest on all the victims and the families of those who died in this horrific traffic accident and a quick recovery to those who are wounded.

In a condolence message issued yesterday, Siber stated: “We are deeply saddened to have experienced one of the most painful traffic accidents in our country today. The fact that youngsters who were still in education lost their lives due to the accident further deepened our pain. Despite all the warnings and precautions taken in the country related to traffic, the casualties that we have experienced reveal the painful truth that we need to do more work in this regard.”

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün: “I feel great sadness due to the horrific traffic accident”

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün stated that he feels great sadness as a result of the horrific traffic accident that happened on the Girne-Değirmenlik mountain pass yesterday morning, which caused the death of three people and injured seven.


Özgürgün wished that God will rest the souls of those who died in the accident and offered his condolences to the families, and a quick recovery to those who were injured.

Özgürgün cancelled his İstanbul visit due to this painful accident.

 Cyprus Vakıflar Administration won the case on the issue of Maraş

The Court of Appeal cancelled the Supreme Administrative Court’s resolution which decided that the involvement of the Cyprus Vakıflar Administration in a case regarding the issue of Maraş before the Immovable Property Commission (TMK), was negligent.


According to a statement by the Cyprus Vakıflar Administration, once the resolution has been cancelled, the Cyprus Vakıflar Administration will be able to participate in the trial before the TMK.

French Foreign Affairs Advisor visited Atalay

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs Advisor for Religious Affairs Jean-Christophe Peaucelle, who came to the island in order to meet with the religious authorities, visited the President of Religious Affairs Prof. Dr. Talip Atalay.


The French Ambassador to Nicosia, Rene Troccaz, also accompanied Peaucelle to yesterday’s meeting.

During the meeting, the following topics were discussed: how belief groups in France and all over the world can live together by protecting their religious beliefs; multiculturalism; the causes and consequences of racism and the increase in violence in the world; and the Cyprus negotiation process and the role of religious leaders.

Panel discussion entitled “An update on the Cyprus negotiations and a Federal Cyprus” to be held in the UK

A panel discussion entitled “An update on the Cyprus negotiations and a Federal Cyprus” will be held in Canterbury, UK.


Turkish Cypriot politicians Zeki Çeler, Hasan Taçoy and Armağan Candan will feature on the panel which will be held at the Canterbury Augustine House Library on Saturday 3rd December 2016.

The panel, which is organized by Turkish Cypriot Student Unions of Kent University and Canterbury Christ Church University, will discuss the Cyprus negotiations which aim to find a comprehensive settlement on the Island.

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  1. If the Negotiations have broken down and ended, I would like for The British Government to take the lead and recognize the TRNC. And start direct flights to the North. Perhaps other countries would follow suit. I know it’s a long shot, but that is what I would like.

    1. Thank you Richard and so many other people would to see the UK do just that. Will they?

      Sadly the UK has been backing the wrong rocking horse for so long and now they do not know how to change sides.

  2. We all knew it would end in dead lock – how ridiculous in this day and age where everyone should be pulling together. It’s about time the North was recognised and they are given the right for direct flights, this political vendetta has gone on too long.

  3. Yes, absolutely, this vendetta and the rejection of recognition of the TRNC has gone on far too long. Im sure if it was the South side they Wouldn’t have been rejected in the first place. We have been paying the penalty NOT because of Turkey, but because of the actions of the Greeek Cypriots hand in hand with Greece to take over the whole Island, which is the Main and Only reason why Turkey had to INTERVENE in 1974. Just to remind everyone once again, it Greece who sent Nicos Sampson to INVADE Cyprus BEFORE Turkey had to, and if Turkey hadnt done that at the time All the Turkish Cypriots would have been either dead or taken as prisoners by Greece and GCs. Why?? because of the reason I wrote above, but then again the whole world knows this but is playing the deaf and dumb game with the Turks, specially the English and yet the English were being killed by them too. What kind of a SICK politics is this just because we are muslims. Have a good day gentlemen!! Be sure I shall be reminding everyone of this whenever I get the chance.

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