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President Akıncı: “The TRNC will take its place in an honourable solution as an equal partner”

President Mustafa Akıncı said that the Turkish Cypriot negotiators have been working hard to reach a solution and they will continue to work for the TRNC’s development in all fields. Akıncı added that if the Greek Cypriot side is realistic and a solution is reached, the TRNC will take its place in an honourable solution as an equal partner.


Akıncı expressed that it is time to reach a solution, and that the time to make a decision is near. Akıncı also said that if the Greek Cypriot side does not control their maximalist behaviour and a settlement can’t be reached, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus will continue in its current form.

In his speech made during the Republic Day ceremony on 15 November, which celebrated the 33rd Anniversary of the Establishment of the TRNC, Akinci said that “Negotiations cannot continue for another 50 years. It is time for a decision  at the negotiations which have been undertaken with the close cooperation of Turkey for one and half years”.

“It would not be wrong to say that it is time to discuss the territory, security and guarantee issues as we are working to reach a settlement before the end of 2016. As I stated before going to Switzerland, if we reach a consensus on the criteria of the territory issue, both sides will prepare their maps, and at the same time, the date of five-party conference will be decided in the presence of the UN. The five-party conference will be held in a similar format to the Bürgenstock meetings where the Annan plan was negotiated, and the map and security issues will take shape there. The issues of security and guarantees will be discussed and determined with the participation of the guarantor countries” President Akıncı stated.

Furthermore, adding that as the Turkish Cypriot side, we pay attention to the sensitivities of the Greek Cypriots and we expect the same attitude by the Greek Cypriots, President Akıncı said that one of the two parameters of the Turkish Cypriots for equality is the Rotating Presidency and the other one is effective participation in the decision-making processes.

Erdoğan: “We continue with our support for the negotiation process”

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan sent a message of celebration to President Mustafa Akıncı  for 15 November Republic Day.


In his message, Erdoğan stressed that as a guarantor country, Turkey, conscious of its historical and conventional responsibilities, continues its support for the negotiation process to establish a new federal partnership.

Erdoğan also expressed that a fair and permanent solution can only be reached with mutual consensus of all sides, stating that  “I have no doubt that a solution to the Cyprus problem will make a great contribution to peace, security, stability and prosperity in the region.”

Özgürgün received Fahri Kasırga and Tuğrul Türkeş

Stating that Turkish Cypriots and Turkey have extended their hand for an agreement Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün said that “If they keep this hand, it is certain that an agreement in Cyprus can be achieved very easily”.


Noting that Turkey’s full and effective guarantee cannot be compromised, Prime Minister Özgürgün also emphasised that equality and bi-zonality are essential.

Özgürgün received Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Tuğrul Türkeş and the Turkish Presidential General Secretary Fahri Kasırga within the scope of the 33rd anniversary of the founding of the TRNC.

In his speech, Kasırga expressed his wish for a positive outcome to the settlement process and reiterated his hopes  for a just and lasting peace in Cyprus.

As the talks continue, and regardless of their outcome, Türkeş noted  that there is a democratic government in the TRNC and added “The TRNC is perhaps the only example in the Middle East without blood and tears. We congratulate you, and we are proud of this peaceful democracy”.

Turkish Prime Minister Yıldırım: “A solution which takes the rights of our Cypriot brothers backwards cannot be accepted”

AK Party Leader and Prime Minister Binali Yıldırım stated that a solution which takes the rights of their Turkish Cypriot brothers backwards and which undermines their rights of fair representation cannot be accepted.


Speaking at an AK Party meeting, Yıldırım added that Turkey would accept a solution that includes a rotating presidency, but stressed that the full and effective guarantee of Turkey need to continue on the island, so that Cyprus does not relive its past experiences.

Yıldırım also addressed the 33rd anniversary of the TRNC’s founding, and reiterated that Turkey will always be at the side of the TRNC and continue to support its political, economic, and social development.

Türkeş: “Turkey supports a unified Cyprus”

Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Tuğrul Türkeş  has expressed his hopes that: “The legitimate rights of the Turkish Cypriots should be handed over, all embargoes especially on air and naval transport should be lifted and the TRNC should get equal benefit from the EU rights like other EU countries.”


Türkeş noted that the Turkish Cypriot people sit at the negotiating table and have worked repeatedly and tirelessly for a solution in Cyprus, an approach that the international community and other stakeholders should take greater notice of. Türkeş emphasised that “Turkey has been supporting a unified Cyprus.”

Furthermore, Türkeş stated: “A Solution in Cyprus is possible. We hope to achieve an ultimate peace in Cyprus and sign an agreement by which TRNC people’s legitimate rights will be handed over.”

In his speech at the 33rd anniversary celebrations for the TRNC, Türkeş indicated that there has never been a barrier to a lasting peace in Cyprus, and that the TRNC has been subjected to an unfair isolation.

Türkeş also urged that greater attention be paid to the many agreements and convergences that have been achieved so far in the ongoing negotiations, rather than focusing solely on the outstanding differences.

Inauguration ceremony for the mausoleum of Founding President Denktaş

A formal ceremony to lay the foundations for the forthcoming mausoleum and  museum for Founding President Rauf Raif Denktaş took place yesterday.


Deputy Prime Minister of Turkey Tuğrul Türkeş, Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün and President Mustafa Akıncı all spoke at the ceremony.

Following the speeches, the Denktaş family and government authorities from the TRNC and Turkey laid the foundations of the mausoleum and the museum.

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  1. As long as Mr Akıncı keeps in mind of the UNJUST treatment Turkish Cypriots have been subjected to over too many years by England, America, Greece and specially Greek Cypriots, and ofcourse not forgetting the rest of the World. So now is our chance to claim all that WE (TCs) have lost our dignity and our RIGHTS as a race and been forgotten and cast aside like rubbish. We dont owe GCs anything. But they owe Us TCs plenty. If they hadn’t been so greedy to want the whole Island, then Turkey would never have had the NEED to ”INTERVENE”. The sooner everyone sees and accepts this, the better for everyone concerned. We have had enough of being treated like dirt. Its time we stood up for our rights which we never recieved in all these years. Lets start with the GCs paying us all the money which was sent from the EU with our share in it…shall we?? How dare they ask for soil, how dare they!!! They dont deserve even an inch of soil. Theres so much to be said, so so so much……..

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