December 10, 2022

By Kim Betts…….

KAR Pet Travel…….

Further to our article “From Summer Hot Dog To Winter Frankfurter”about Tinky click here, we recently received the latest update from Sylvia in Germany about Tinky along with some lovely photos…….


“Thank you Kim, Margaret and the KAR Team sooo much for all your help to bring Tinky over here.

From the bottom of our heart we wish you more appreciation and help for what you doing for all these lost animals.

Please let us know when we can do something for you and your team.

Now the news about Tinky:

No problem for her to get in the horde. She is still a little bit shy, but she is on a very good way. Everything is new and she has to learn a lot.

It is unbelievable how much she changed in the last days, in a positive way. She looks very happy and likes to run around the garden.   That’s very nice, isnt it???

We hope now that you can manage to give lots of other dogs and cats a new home.”

Whilst many of us are preparing for Xmas – for Tinky it must seem like all of her Xmas’s have come at once.

The photo below shows Tinky’s new doggy family – the largest of them is Arap who was also homed from KAR by Sylvia and Heinz.


Merry Xmas Tinky and co x

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