May 31, 2023

By Kim Betts…….

KAR Pet Travel……

All of our cats and dogs are special – but some are not only special they also have special needs. Poppy is one such dog.

She was brought into the Centre by some tourists after being attacked by a Husky dog. She was also diagnosed with Ehrlichia (a disease spread by ticks) and spent a long time at the vets. It seemed also as if she had a digestion problem and was unable to eat normal dog biscuits or anything lumpy. However this problem was re diagnosed as a narrowing of the throat but the vet could not find a reason for it. Once she had recovered from her attack wounds and the Ehrlichia had cleared we knew that we had to find a special home for our special Poppy.

Luckily for us, and Poppy, one of our regular and most ardent supporters had met Poppy during her visits here. We were delighted when she decided to adopt Poppy and then decided to take Poppy to the UK to join the Hepplestone family.

Because of her feeding problems Karen and Ian asked for the help of one of the KAR staff who knew Poppy well. Poppy went to stay with Julie at her home so that she could be monitored with her eating and also to prepare her for her travel to the UK.

Finally it was Poppy time – time for her to be re united with Karen and Ian in the UK.


The following extracts are just part of Poppy’ travel log ………

“Hi Karen

Poppy said her goodbyes today – we even had staff come into the office especially to say Good Bye !

She was so calm about everything and went into her box with no fuss at all. She was quite interested in her travel pal – a handsome husky boy – so i am sure they will have plenty to chat about during the journey !!!!

Her flight looks to have left on time and landed early so should now be in the Special Cargo Dept at Istanbul.

I will try and get another update for you in the morning. Attached are some photos that i took today in the office just before she left.”

“Hello Kim

Thanks for the update – we are beside ourselves with excitement here but a tad worried to how she might be so your email has reassured us, we are travelling down to pick her up tomorrow and she will be travelling in the back of the car with Ian to our home where she will be loved and pampered alongside Otis, Lola and our 2 cats Dennis (who thinks he is a dog), and Millicent who rules them all!”

The following day Poppy arrived in the UK to be reunited with Karen and Ian. There was a short settling in period before we received the update that we had been waiting for …

“Hi Kim

How are you – we are experiencing a wonderful autumn here in England – as I speak the sun is shining, the heating is off and the outside temperature is around 17 degrees, its lovely for Poppy as she has not had to make too much of an adjustment although I have a little coat for her for when winter final kicks in which no doubt it will before much longer

Poppy is just an absolute joy and has fitted into our work so easily and happily, she is very loyal and affectionate and has cuddles and loves throughout the day – any excuse when I’m working from home to break off and cuddle.

When we met her at Heathrow it was so emotional we had waited so long for her and weren’t sure if the separation from Julie and the long travel would have caused her upset, so when this little girl came out of the handling centre to us I just burst into tears and got down on the floor to her – she was so tiny , smaller than I remembered, Ian and I held her then took her outside for some fresh air then home to Yorkshire where Otis and Lola were waiting.

We managed to introduce them out on the field, all went well then back home to her cozy new bed which she loves. Over the next few days we got ourselves into a routine and quickly learnt how much Poppy enjoyed walking. We back onto woods and fields and she is loving exploring them with Lola, Otis just trots at the side of me.


Yesterday for the first time I took her off her lead and she came back when I called which is great.

She is eating well, sleeping well and is a very happy, adorable little girl. How lucky are we, 2 darling girls from KAR.


You guys have been amazing and you know I hold you all in the highest esteem which is why you will always be ‘my charity’

Thank you Kim and the team for Poppy and Lola and thank you for your dedication to the animals in your care xxxxx

Love from Karen and Ian “

KAR know that in the months to come, with all of the love and care that she now has, this is one Poppy that will be blossoming.

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