December 5, 2022

By Chris Elliott…….

The UN sponsored peace talks in Cyprus continue and both sides are claiming to be doing their very best to reach out and try to find a solution and reach agreements.

Now we seem to be  constantly reading of intransigence by Greek Cypriot authorities and following on from the recent refusal by them to allow vehicles to travel from the north to the south which has since been rescinded (click here), now we are learning that they are trying to prevent sportsmen who arrived via Larnaca from travelling to the TRNC to participate  in the 16th International Dr Fazıl Küçük Sport Games”.

It would seem there is a lot of double talk emanating from the south or that the government are not giving sensible advice to their local authorities so that incidents like the following do not occur and cause ill feeling and criticism of their ethics and intentions for future peace and harmony prospects.


Greek Embargo for the Moldova Taekwondo Team – Picture courtesy of the TRNC PIO


“Greek Embargo for the Moldova Taekwondo Team”

The passports of the Moldova taekwondo team who arrived on the island from Larnaca Airport to participate in the taekwondo competition for the “The 16th International Dr Fazıl Küçük Sport Games” have been seized by Greek Cypriot officials.

The President of the TRNC Taekwondo Federation Eyüp Zafer Gökbilen stated that part of the Moldova team arrived at the TRNC from the Ercan Airport and the rest from Larnaca Airport. The 17 sportsmen who arrived at Larnaca Airport were arrested, had their passports seized and were told they could not pass to the North due to the sports embargoes imposed on the TRNC.

Prime Minister Hüseyin Özgürgün received the General President of Global Taekwondo Federation Linda Park, executive board members and presidents of federations from 12 countries. He emphasized that sports should be performed with peace, brotherhood and with the participation of all young people, underlining that embargoes should not be imposed on sports.

2 thoughts on “Greek Embargo for the Moldova Taekwondo Team coming to the TRNC

  1. And they talk about “Reunification”. It will never happen while the Greek Cypriots have this mentality. For everyone’s sake President Akinci accept that it is a lost cause!

    1. Thank you Richard for your comment.

      We are seeing increasing number of cases where the Roc are giving mixed messages and its really the UN and EU who want to open their eyes and ears and accept the truth as so many others can see it. The GC game is one of bluff and moving goal posts and blame others for no progress being made.

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