Tulips Donate a Handbag has Amazing Results!

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When Ayse Green came up with the “Donate a Handbag” idea, little did she realise how successful it would be. Ayse has been overwhelmed with the response and has so many handbags that she and her daughter, Rachel, decided that they would have to run another stall and auction at a later date.


The Tulips Saturday market stall at Lambousa Market was buzzing all morning with many people keen to put forward their bids on the handbags up for auction, in addition there was a dazzling display of quality handbags for sale.


Lambousa Handbag auction and sales

At 12.30pm the auction was closed. Altogether with the auction money including the sales money a staggering 2,374TL was raised for Tulips.

We can’t thank Ayse, Phil and Rachel Green enough for coming up with such a fantastic idea and raising a superb amount of money.

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