December 8, 2022

An ‘Eggscellent’ tale to tell


Message from Sue Tilt and Carol King…….

Friday night (16th Sept) was an ‘Eggstraordinarily’ good night a the Sh-Boom Bar in Alsancak with some ‘Eggsceptional’ donations for the Tulips auction that had been organised by the Tulips Ladies Pink Football Team.

With plenty of ‘Eggsciting’ lots up for grabs generously donated by both businesses and private individuals all to support Tulips, we were also ‘Eggstremely’ lucky enough to have the ‘Eggstra’ talented Dave Mancini who spent over an hour ‘Eggstricating’ money from wallets and purses throughout the evening – thank you Dave for all your persistent hard work.


Graham Barker set a good ‘Eggsample’ by taking the first lot which was a meal for 2 at the Punjab and the ‘Eggstravagant’ Annette Nordeen Dahl bid a fantastic 200TL for a meal for 2 at No14, we hope they both enjoy their meals.

The ‘Eggsciting’ evening saw Savas (Sh-Boom Bar) going head to head with Mo Bruce for the ‘Eggsxotic’ cushion before Mo finally backed down knowing she had got the maximum amount out of Savas at 126TLa-great-night-at-sh-boom-for-tulips

However the highlight of the evening must have been when Mustafa Ekinci (Sh-Boom Bar) bid 60TL for Kelly-Jo Karlaman’s last minute lot of her very own; her free range ‘Eggscellent’ eggs – all 15 of them, very ‘Eggspensive’ eggs!

Mo, Mustafa and Kelly with eggs
Mo, Mustafa and Kelly with eggs

The evening achieved ‘Eggsactly’ what the ladies had hoped for and raised a further 1,616TL taking their total money raised so far to 9,051TL which is over 3,000TL more than they collected last year!

The ‘Eggshausted’ End!

A big thank you to everyone who attended and took part in the auction, Tulips/HTWCA is extremely grateful for all your support.

Don’t forget to keep Sunday 16th October 2016 free where the ladies will be playing the long awaited football match!

Many thanks

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Sue and Carole
Tulips – Help Those With Cancer Association

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