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EFRAR 2017 – Working Together – Clarisse and Andy Cooper

By Sue Steel – EFRAR 2017 Committee……

Working Together – Clarisse and Andy Cooper

Clarisse and Andy Cooper really enjoy life on the island. When they moved here 3 years ago from Northampton, Andy had severe health problems and they were both worried about what the future would bring. Now, Andy is fit and well and has been an active member of The Abnormals team for the last 9 months.


Clarisse also has her own part to play. At each show she enthusiastically organises the raffle and somehow manages to persuade the audience to part with more money than they perhaps intended.

Clarisse is a passionate supporter of E.F.R.A.R. She lost both of her parents to cancer and is happy to raise as much money as possible to help those on the island that are suffering from cancer

Thanks Clarisse and Andy. We appreciate your support.


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