TRNC News 9.9.2016 – Akinci: Our principle aim is a 5 party conference

Akıncı: “Our principle aim is a five party conference

President Mustafa Akıncı stated that the principle aim of the tripartite summit, which is to be held on 26 September 2016 in New York, is to pave the way for a five party conference.


“Our aim is to hold a five party conference and this should not be postponed to a later date. We would prefer the conference to be held in October.”

President Akıncı also underlined that while the negotiations have been continuing for 48 years, the deadlock should not continue for even 8 more months. All parties should make the necessary contributions to reach a settlement on the island, Akıncı noted, and the Turkish Cypriot people are sincere in their efforts for a lasting solution.

 President Akıncı received Duncan and Doherty


President Mustafa Akıncı received the British Minister of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Office Alan Duncan, who is on a three day official visit to the Island, as well as the US Ambassador to South Cyprus, Kathleen Doherty.

 Ertuğruloğlu: “Turkey has the unilateral right to intervene if necessary”

Foreign Minister Tahsin Ertuğruloğlu has commented on President Akıncı’s statements regarding guarantees for the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.


The Minister thanked President Akıncı for his disclosure that “establishing a system of guarantees which excludes Turkey is not possible’’ but also said that this is not enough and further steps need to be taken.

Ertuğruloğlu underlined that the chapter on guarantees would be acceptable if the article which states that “Turkey has the unilateral right to intervene if necessary” is added to the agreement.

Minister Ertuğruloğlu said that “Turkey had intervened in Cyprus on 20 July 1974 based on her rights to intervention. These rights put into the constitution when the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus was established and they should not be disposed of.”

 Joint statement by former negotiators Ertuğ and Olgun

Two former negotiators Osman Ertuğ and Ergün Olgun made a joint statement in which they observed some “worrying developments” in this period of intensified Leaders’ talks.


Ertuğ and Olgun noted that a tripartite summit and multilateral meetings are expected to be held in the near future.

In their written statement, Ertuğ and Olgun highlighted statements by Greek Cypriot Leader Nikos Anastasiades, as well as the allegations and statements in the Greek Cypriot press, which were a clear violation and reconstitution of the UN parameters which were obtained after years of negotiations. These developments are worrisome, the two former negotiators wrote, and caused a great deal of discomfort in public, even though they are only partly true.

Ertuğ and Olgun claimed that the Turkish Cypriot leadership’s silence on the matter is neither understandable nor acceptable. Although the two Leaders agreed not to make any public statements after the meetings, Leader Anastasiades took advantage of the Turkish Cypriot silence, as most evidenced by his statements on guarantees.

The two former negotiators also stated that “Today, while even the government partners express their concerns about the process, we expect the President and his team to adopt a more upright and decisive position at the negotiating table: to inform the public in a spirit of sharing; to foster a democratic environment without grouping people as yes and no voters; and making sure that Greek Cypriot allegations are not left without a response.”

Potato exports recommence

Potato exports to South Cyprus have recommenced under the Green Line Regulations.


300 tonnes of potatoes were sent to South Cyprus yesterday and exports will also continue after the Bairam holiday.

Potato exports were stopped due to attacks by a group of Greek Cypriot fanatics on potato producers last week. Reactions have been strong on both sides of the island after the potato export ban.

The newspaper Kıbrıs notes that, according to some confidential sources, the Leaders discussed this issue as part of the negotiations. According to the same report, Anastasiades expressed that there is no problem regarding potato exports to South Cyprus under the Green Line Regulation.

 AKEL reacts to Turkish Cypriots’ separate placement in the football match

The political party AKEL have reacted to Turkish Cypriots who were watching a football match between the Greek Cypriot National Football Team and Belgium being placed in a separate section of the GSP Stadium last Tuesday.


The Greek Cypriot Haravgi newspaper reported that Greek Cypriot officials did not allow Turkish Cypriots to sit together with other football fans. AKEL Spokesperson Stefanos Stefanu stated that while participation of the Turkish Cypriot fans in the football match is pleasing, the decision to place Turkish Cypriot fans in a separate area is an unfortunate decision. This attitude gives a negative message, Stefanu noted, and the necessary arrangements to ensure that Turkish and Greek Cypriots watch the game together should have been taken.

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