Deputy Prime Minister S. Denktaş

Concern regarding the ongoing Negotiation Process

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Serdar Denktaş voiced concern regarding the ongoing Cyprus negotiation process by saying that he did not believe that an outcome would be reached at the talks.

Serdar Denktaş_2Speaking during an event organized by the Democrat Party, Mr. Denktaş expressed his view that the UN could put forward a document that contains a conciliation formula that it believes may work.

He said that while the Greek Cypriot side during the negotiations process is quite comfortably and clearly displaying its stance, the Turkish Cypriot sides’ negotiating team’s approach is ‘the Turkish Cypriot side needs a solution otherwise we will go under, we are finished’.

He said that as the government they have not and will not take any initiatives that would sabotage President Mustafa Akıncı’s negotiations process and that they had informed the president of this as well.

‘We as the government are ready to assist the negotiations process if they want our help, but the agreement to emerge will go to a referendum and the two parties will decide separately whether or not they will support the solution document that has emerged’ said Mr. Denktaş.

‘When the time comes if our sensitivities have not been overcome then we will speak with the public and reveal the traps that remain and will try to convince them to reject the agreement’ the Deputy Prime Minister said.

Source: BRT World News