Catalkoy Skating Rink is opening

By Chris Elliott……

This summer seems to have been longer and hotter than previous years and autumn is still far off so it was with great interest that I went along to the new Çatalköy Skating Rink which is now opening.

When I arrived I was delighted to meet an old friend Valeriy Krupovich who came to the TRNC from Moscow 6 years ago with his wife and children and they have been active building a business in the name of Zima Trading Ltd. Valeriy’s English is a little limited and my Russian is even less impressive but Valeriy’s friend Alexei who has lived for a number of years in the US, was able to tell me in great detail about the Çatalköy Skating Rink . Valeriy had a dream for the past five years to create a skating rink and having spent endless hours in research and talked to many people and organisations, has now seen his dream come true in Çatalköy.

Catalkoy skating Rink 4

A dream come to fruition for Valeriy Krupovich

Their new project is an open air skating rink which is constructed from a special plastic and the materials were supplied and constructed by a Spanish company XTRA ICE including the boots and when I called by at around 6.00pm recently at the end of a very hot day, as I stood next to the rink, I felt so cool no doubt aided by a slight breeze. This coolness was of course an illusion as it would not be practical to have an open air real ice rink as the cost of freezing and maintaining the ice would be prohibitive.

Having said that the rink is very impressive and it has been constructed on the site of a football court just behind The Lodge in Çatalköy and has a very impressive gantry surrounding it with a special lighting and music speaker system.

This lighting and music equipment is controlled from the reception office where you would pay for the rental of equipment etc.

Catalkoy skating Rink 2

Alexei showed me the equipment and then posed for a picture with Valeriy

In the office they have a vast selection of boots of all sizes and any reader that has skated on ice would note the blades differ as they have a flat edge and this blade edge is maintained by using a special grinding box.

The skating rink will offer curling and hockey as well as skating facilities with lessons from instructors for those that need it. The rink surface is maintained with special polishing equipment and for children and those adults who feel a little unsure skating, there are a number of creature mobiles on ski’s that will help those using them to maintain their balance and develop confidence whilst skating.

Catalkoy skating Rink 1

Customers having great fun

Preparation is now almost complete with a seating area to be set out and the opening of a nice cafe and bar very soon. In the meanwhile the rink is open for visitors from 17.00 to 2300 hours when it’s much cooler than we have been experiencing during the day, so why not go along and chill for an hour or so with the family at the Çatalköy Skating Rink which is another first for the TRNC.

For those that like to enjoy a bit of a challenge and competition in team games without too much  exertion, then perhaps a game of Curling is a good option to explore.

For directions to Çatalköy Skating Rink, turn off the main road by Tempo and drive down past the Lodge and turn right into the car parking area. For more information about the Çatalköy Skating Rink, please email kiprporusski@hotmail.com or by visiting their Facebook page click here.



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    • Hello Carol, hello Chris
      Our instructor is giving lessons to both adults and children. For more information you can call her directly and arrange your first lesson by calling 0533 883 0428 (Ekaterina). Since our opening, she has already got some trainees of all ages, as she is very competent in ice skating

  1. Thank you Chris and Valeriy for your replies, much appreciated. Have taken note of Instructor’s number and will be in touch with her soon. Many thanks to you both again for your help.