December 6, 2022

For some time the British Residents Society has been seeking voluntary support from its members to assist with the running of their emergency blood donor service without much success.

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The main problem was that despite many pleas for support, insufficient volunteers came forward from their membership to continue managing and co-ordinating the emergency blood donor service on a permanent basis and so various options were considered.

Having considered a number of options, BRS decided the option the best possible outcome for their emergency service was for it to transferred to the Civil Emergency Volunteer Service (CESV) who already operate an emergency blood donor service, albeit on a smaller scale, and whose members CESV new logo smlvolunteer their time to assist in civil emergencies and work alongside Sivil Savunma.(TRNC Civil Defence)..

After a number of consultative meetings, CESV agreed to the transfer and to assume responsibility for providing the emergency blood donor service.

The effective date for the handover/takeover of responsibility of the emergency blood donor service is Monday 25th July 2016.  On this date the BRS blood donor contact database will be passed to CESV, who have assured BRS  that they will maintain the same degree of confidentially as delivered by the BRS.

The current BRS emergency blood donor telephone number (0533 855 5699) can continue to be used after 25th July to contact the CESV.

CESV will continue to use the BRS SMS system for requests for emergency blood donations.


The BRS sponsored blood donor days arranged in conjunction with Lefkosa Blood Bank and Girne State Hospital will be unaffected by the change to the emergency donor service and will continue to be organised by the BRS.

Notification of dates will continue to be sent by email to members and by advertising in various internet media and newspapers. The next BRS blood donor day will be held on Sat 15th October 2016 at Girne State Hospital.

CESV Emergency Blood Donation Service


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