November 29, 2022

Community Help

Motorcycle Club helps Needy

on Kurban Bayram

By Ralph Kratzer

On Kurban Bayram, in the Muslim world also known as Eid al-Adha or Bakr-Eid, which literally means “Sacrifice Feast”, it is customary to slaughter a sacrificial animal and to give a third of it to the poor and needy.

Turk Riders CyprusThe Turk Riders Chopper Club North Cyprus, a motorcycle club that was founded at the end of 2014 as a Chapter of TRCC Turkey – a large association of motorcycle friends in Europe and the US – took the occasion to visit destitute families in Lefke and surroundings with food donations in order to give them some joy for the approaching holidays.

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The action was initiated by Leman Soyukasap, a socially engaged and motorcycle enthusiastic young lady from Lefkosa.

Last Sunday, members of the club made their way to 8 poor families to help with prepared food parcels.

A socially committed helper on site had already identified the most needy people and received the group of motorcyclists in the centre of Lefke.

Together the individual families were visited one by one, and the donations were handed over.

The unexpected help caused great pleasure among the surprised recipients and the donors learnt their lesson of the day, that it not only brings joy to give, but that all of us who live on the sunny side of life, should be happy and grateful, because our worries and problems are – compared to other fellow human beings – mostly minimal.

By the way, the maxim of the Turk Riders CC reads BIRIMIZ HEPIMIZ (ONE FOR ALL)!

Editor´s note: For reasons of protection of privacy the publication of names and pictures of the needy is deliberately avoided.

The Turk Riders CC North Cyprus public Facebook site can be visited by clicking here.

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