Cyprus Memorial Rock at the National Memorial Arboretum – Update 2

By Margaret Sheard……

We have received a further update from David Littlemore about the progress of the unveiling ceremony on 21st August.  Everything seems to be well in hand and I am very envious of those who will be able to be there on this momentous and nostalgic occasion.

Dear Cyprus Memorial Supporter,

I spent the 15th of June dodging the rain at the National Memorial Arboretum, meeting those who will be most involved with the Unveiling on the 21st of August. All the plans for the day are now fitting together. Pat Honey together with the Parade Marshall Neil Trotter, will be in charge of the Standard bearers and the parade to the Cyprus Memorial. For all those intending to parade would you please contact Neil on email; costa.rei@ntlworld.com for details. The time for the parade to set off will be 10.45hrs so between 09.30hrs and 10.30hrs people will be arriving at the NMA. The official Unveiling at the memorial will start at 11.00hrs. There is a new large car-parking area just past the main entrance to the NMA on the left.

National Memorial Arboretum

The position of the Cyprus Memorial will be a short walk from the NMA’s main entrance, in what is known as the Mediterranean Area. There will be seating for all who need to be seated if you let me know, and I hope that the 100 seats ordered will be enough to seat most others too. The official unveiling will be by Sir Michael Graydon, Air Chief Marshal Ret. with a service of Dedication by the Chaplain, the Rev Alan Bowley together with a Hymn. We will also naturally be having the last post and reveille, with the laying of wreathes, both official and private.

We hope the weather will match the location at the Arboretum (the Mediterranean Area);  but even if it rains we can dry out as the Unveiling will be followed by tea, coffee and biscuits in the marquee only a few steps from the Memorial. I look forward to seeing you there if you can make it, but for any who can’t, a DVD of the event is going to be produced and will be available to all who wish to buy a record of the event.

My very sincere thanks to all who have helped with this, long overdue event, by giving it your support. My thanks to Peter and Emma at the NMA for their help and support in preparing this event.

With kind regards, David. 

Memorial Rock

Although there is to be seating for 100 people, if anyone who is attending needs a seat and has not already requested one, please confirm to David Littlemore by email – david.littlemore1@btinternet.com

The GoFundMe account which was set up to help with the funding of this very special Memorial currently stands at £2,660 and thanks are given to all who have made donations.  The on-going maintenance of the Memorial Rock, which commemorates the British personnel who lost their lives in Cyprus during the Emergency, will also need funding so if anyone would like to help in this respect they can do so by clicking here



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  1. Hi Margaret,have tried to e-mail Neil for more information on the parade on the 21 August but it rejects my mail, could you help me
    Kind Regards

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