December 10, 2022


By a KAR kitten fosterer…..

A tale (or tail!) and some advice from one of the KAR Kitten Fosterers.

Are you looking for your own Orphan Annie ?

Two weeks ago, three tiny kittens were brought to the KAR stall at Lambousa market. They had been found by the roadside in Lapta.  The young couple who brought them had heard their distressed crying. There was no sign of the mother cat.

KAR orphaned kittens

The couple made enquiries at the nearby houses to see if anyone knew about the kittens. To their absolute horror and dismay, they were told that the kittens’ mother had been killed on the road on Wednesday. The person advised them to ‘just leave the kittens, as they would die anyway’. When they arrived at Lambousa market they had not had any food or water for 3 days.

A KAR foster carer has been looking after them, and they are doing well. It was very hard at first, as they were very traumatised and their agitation made it hard for them to take food. The smallest one still needs extra care and attention. They are now about four and a half weeks old.

KAR does not always have foster carers available to care for kittens .

If anyone finds kittens whose mother has definitely died, please do not let them starve to death, take them to a vet, it is completely inhumane to just ignore them and let them starve to death!

If you can offer a home to any of these orphaned kittens or any of the other cats and kittens in our Rescue Centre please contact us on 0533 8694098 or email


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