InvestinNation Cyprus. A startup community project

By Chris Elliott……

InvestinNation Cyprus is the first startup community in North Cyprus that was founded on 23rd of May 2016 by Burak Berk DBurak Berk Doulayoluay.

Burak Berk Doluay is a last year international business management student. He is co-founder of Fusion Business Network , works in the family company Doluay Advertisement and has many years of volunteer experience in different positions and projects at Rotaract Club of Kyrenia LIman, Rotaract Cyprus , Rotaract Med MDIO and UNYSA Cyprus.

In talking to Burak about his group and project, this is what he had to say.

“This group has been created to gather business people, entrepreneurs and students interested in entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development to exchange ideas, collaborate and organize meetings in order to network, work on creating an entrepreneurial culture and creating an action plan on how to reach world standards on entrepreneurship and innovation.

Unfortunately we live in a country where our education system and government does not help us to innovate or develop and it also does not support entrepreneurship.  An Entrepreneur is someone who dreams, sees things differently, always finds a way, takes risks and makes a change. By encouraging entrepreneurship in our community and helping each other with our knowledge and experiences we will help each other innovate and develop which will not only bring individual benefit but mainly will create job opportunities, improve the economy and help the society to develop.

In other countries students start learning programming at secondary school where we are still learning the basics of computer and Microsoft office at the last year of high school. Internet is one of the biggest tools that we can use to make business with the world without embargos but our education system and our culture; where we always expect other people to do things for us, believe only possible future plans for a young person are to get a government job, take over family business ( if it exists) or to go abroad to save your life.

We have never thought of thinking differently, trying to learn new things, getting out of our comfort zone and sharing this with other people in our community to develop together.We also have to be aware of that we always NationUnited Cyprus Facebook picturesay North Cyprus lacks many things which means there are lots of opportunities for entrepreneurs. That is where the groups name is coming from. When we Invest in our Nation or community, we actually invest in our own future.

There are lots of examples of this kind of initiative in other countries. Many NGO’s and social entrepreneurs come together to make workshops, hackathons or use new ways of informal education to promote entrepreneurship, innovation and personal development. Hopefully InvestinNation Cyprus will be a tool for those who believe in the same vision so we can gather and work together for our future.

If you are interested in joining us please join our Facebook group :”InvestinNation Cyprus”  by clicking here