December 10, 2022

By Margaret Sheard…..

It was a long climb up through Bellapais but well worth the effort and I arrived at the Gardens of Irini a little breathless but pleased to be able to meet up with Jay Wadams and his partner Max and see Jay’s wonderful photography which was on display as an exhibition of his work.

Set of 3

The exhibition opened on Thursday 26th May and ran until Sunday 29th May.  Jay said it had been very successful and there had been many people who had come to see his work, which is a result of his talent and the experience gained during his many travels.

It was lovely sitting in the garden which is very tranquil and be able to admire Jay’s work in a very leisurely manner and catch up with what he has been doing since his last exhibition.

Harbour and Nude

Last year Jay had mentioned that he was working on an illustrated cookery book which will include many of his favourite recipes.  He said he is still working on it and the book should be completed for publication in 2017.

One of the reasons for the delay in completing the Jay Wadams and bookcookery book is that Jay has been assisting Deidre Guthrie with the formatting and publication of a book which was written by her father John Guthrie which is an account of the family’s life in North Cyprus.  The book which is entitled A Bell in Bellapais will be printed in Germany and will be available in North Cyprus in July.  From what we could gather I would think this will be a very appealing read, especially for those who know the area well.   Jay designed the cover for the book which looks very attractive.

What with photography, cooking, writing etc. Jay and Max live a very busy life, their home base is in Munich, and besides their trips to North Cyprus, which they both love,  Jay likes also to return to his homeland – New Zealand at least once a year.

It was nice to catch up with Jay again and we wish him well with his future photography and hope to see the results at a future exhibition here in North Cyprus.

Door and shutters


Fairground and door-stairs

2 thoughts on “Jay Wadams Photography Exhibition at Gardens of Irini, Bellapais

  1. dear sir,

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    Best regards Mohammad

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying Mohammad but I am pleased to say we have obtained some information for you.

      KITSAB supplied the following list and for more information click here

      1) AKGÜNLER.
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      12) TURSEM
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      15) BLUE LINE

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