December 9, 2022

By Trevor Hughes……

Dental Care

I have commenced my much needed dental care programme recently, which will take some six months to complete.False teeth

During my discussion with the dentist the thorny subject of cost came up. Not accepting the first quotation, I managed to secure quite a significant discount. The discount amounted to nearly £3000.00, which goes to show that asking for a discount is well worth the effort.

House Break İn´s

Yet again I am having to report several house break in’s. ThisBurglar Bill time they were in the Girne/Lefkoşa areas. Please take responsibility for your own house security. Although not anywhere near the levels of other countries, break in’s are increasing here, year on year!!

Mole Detection

I reported in an earlier News Round the importance of keeping a watchful eye on the changing of colour/bleeding /and growth size of moles, which is extremely important as we are in a climate of severe sun heat.

One of our readers had his moles checked reMolemaxgularly, but this time decided to go to the State hospital for his regular mole check. The examination was carried out using a machine which was donated to the State Hospital and the whole process only took a few minutes and only cost 15TL. His next appointment is due in twelve months time.

The person who undertook the examination at a private hospital was the very same person who checked his moles every two months at a cost of 120TL each visit and only using a magnifying glass to gauge whether there were any changes since his last visit [nice work if you can get it].

Remember, to a private hospital you are a stack of Turkish Lira notes and have no trouble extracting as much cash from you as is possible.

Passport Renewal

When the time comes to renew your passport, and your choice of mail delivery to the UK is by whatever system you choose, rememBritish passportber that until you have in your possession your renewed passport you are isolated here until it arrives. You will not be allowed out of the Country until you can show the authorities your new passport. Exit from here will not be allowed even with a photocopy of the one you have sent to the UK.

Residency Renewal

The annual fee for temporary residence is now 283TL per year for each application.

Door Security Locks

Some of the more secure door locks are the ones with security dimples along both sides of the key. Not every Yapi market can supply you with additional keys because they don’t have the equipment to make them. The Yapi market in Alsancak near to the Post Office is one such supplier of said keys should you require one.

Chemist Rota see separate article click here

Chemists have their new opening hours for the summer period. With effect from May this year opening hours are Monday – Friday 8am to 7pm and 8am to on Saturdays.

Duty chemists will be open from 8pm through to midnight, selling only prescription drugs.

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  1. Hi Trevor. Just out of interest which dentist are you using as my husband is in need of one?

    1. Hi Audrey, thank you for your enquiry and if you don’t mind, I will reply to you again as soon as I have completed my current dental treatment.

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